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Certified Fire Marshal Training (FM)

The Fire Marshal Training Section provides specialized training for local, regional, and state fire inspectors. Initial training focuses on the 2012 International Fire Code and International Building Code.

In order to apply for state certification, Certified Fire Marshals shall meet the requirements as stated within the Initial Certification Directive. The S.C. Fire Academy offers a preparatory course twice each year to help students prepare for the exam.

Certified Fire Marshals are required to participate in continuing education programs. These are offered through the Academy. Additional continuing education can be approved by contacting the State Fire Marshal’s office at (803)896-9800.

Recertification Update/ Print Certification Card   (New May 2016!)

OSFM Directive Initial CFM Certification   (New July 2016!)

OSFM Directive CFM Recertification   (New July 2016!)

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