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The S.C. Office of State Fire Marshal is pleased to provide various publications in portable document format (PDF) You will need Adobe Reader to view and print these publications.

Policy Number Title Date Posted
2015 Policies    
15-001R Use of Wood Frame Pyrotechnic Racks and HDPE Mortars with Chain-Fused Aerial Devices  November 12, 2015
2014 Policies    
14-001 Alternate Method for 2012 Carbon Monoxide Detection Requirement  February 04, 2014
2013 Policies    
13-001 Continuing Education Approval for Blaster License Applicants  March 21, 2013
2012 Policies    
12-002 Continuing Education Approval for Pyrotechnic Display Operators March 21, 2013
12-001 Sky Lanterns (Kongming Lanterns) February 23, 2012
2011 Policies    
11-001 Service and Maintenance Manuals for Pre-Engineered Suppression Systems and Portable Fire Extinguisher Manufacturers May 9, 2011
11-004 Servicing Rules and Regulations Portable Fire Extinguishers May 9, 2011
11-002 Inspection Forms for Licensees Recommended Appeal and Complaint Text for Fire Equipment Dealers and Installers May 31, 2011
11-003 Inspection Forms: Recommended Appeal and Complaint Text for Resident Fire Marshals May 31, 2011
11-005 Underwriters Laboratories Inc(UL) 300 Pre-Engineered Fixed Extinguishing Systems May 31, 2011

Last updated: February 6, 2014

Fire Marshal Policy Memos

The removal of the OSFM Policy Memos prior to September 1, 2009, coincided with the implementation date of the new State Fire Marshal’s Rules and Regulations.


A Fire Safety Message from the State Fire Marshal, March 21, 2017 (New!)


2015-2016 Division Annual Report (New!)

Protecting Fire Sprinkler Systems when Providing Heat Treatment for the Eradication of Bedbugs

SC Storage Locations (ATF Inspections)


2014-2015 Division Annual Report

Fire Portal Flyer - June 2015

Number of Paid vs Volunteer Firefighters 2015 Report (pdf)

Foster Home Regulations - Effective June 26, 2015


OSHA Fact Sheet: Crowd Management Safety Guidelines for Retailers

Accident Response Fee Survey Results (2014)


Strategic Planning Celebration: Status Report of Progress Made (pdf)

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